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Unlearning is the highest form of learning.

- Rumi

The Folke Institute (TFI) is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in training and development, consulting, and research. We are dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals through strategic, cutting-edge solutions. With a passion for fostering growth, innovation, and excellence, we strive to be the partner of choice for organizations seeking to enhance their workforce capabilities.

TFI specializes in delivering tailored training programs, expert consulting, and coaching services to drive organizational growth and individual excellence with a proven track record of success.

Transformative Learning 



Analysis is more than asking questions. It's about asking the RIGHT questions. We'll determine your needs and gather information. We'll look at best practices and examine the culture and history of your organization.



A cultural audit will be performed along with one-on-one and group interviews, and document our findings.



Then, we take action. We'll provide you with recommendations on training, coaching or any variety of services to benefit you and your organization.

veritatis simplex oratio est

truth is simple

"Although research concludes that as humans we have biased brains, we can also decide to move toward more inclusive thinking."

Chief Executive Officer, TFI

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