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Unlearning can eliminate the biases lodged in our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings. Regenerating (i.e. learning) new ways of co-existing with people outside of our own culture is fundamental to achieving an egalitarian society.

What is Regenerative Focus Technique?

Regenerative Focus Technique™ is based on the word regenerative, meaning to be restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state. As citizens of the world, we need to embrace new levels of consciousness regarding race, class, and gender. 


RFT™ is a methodology to unlearn biases and nurture a new mindset grounded in respect aimed at fostering an inclusive way of thinking.  RFT™ focuses on what we know to be true—the inherent rights of all human beings—and rejects the false origins of biases.  Learning this technique can help individuals feel secure, supported, and accepted; it brings about a sense of belonging while at the same time creating an inclusive environment for others.


Teaching the process of unlearning

Why Now?

There has never been any other time in human evolution when we are able to connect with each other in a blink of an eye than now. This has led to an increase in worldwide awareness of global inequity making NOW a pivotal time to introduce a new model of addressing systemic, intolerant behaviors that will recalibrate our inner guidance system. Despite being innately social animals, we are hardwired to fight or take flight when faced with people and other customs that are outside of our own experience. This innate trait is one explanation for prejudices and biases. Recognizing that while change is the only constant, change is often difficult for us.  It can feel like moving a herd of recalcitrant elephants up a hill.  RFT™ provides the tools and techniques to learn and practice a new code of ethics—a code of citizenry—throughout our lives and interactions.

How Does it Work?

At its core, RFT™ is a regenerative approach to eradicating biases and prejudice in all their manifestations. This technique has the potential to enable us to rewire our brains to be inclusive and accepting of others who we may perceive as different. We also know that if you reprogram the brain, you can change one’s behavior. This physiological fact provides an extraordinary opportunity to impact social change. RFT™ blends human behavioral studies, anthropology, and neurobiology in its methodology. 


During RFT Coaching, individuals are shown how, whether consciously or not, they exhibit behaviors that cause others to feel excluded and devalued. They unlearn this habit through interactive exercises, gaining self-awareness and empathy; they emerge effectively managing their interactions and fostering a more equitable work and communal environment.

RFT in Practice

We have successfully utilized RFT™ in one-on-one coaching, workshops, and corporate trainings throughout the Americas and internationally. Here are some of the feedback that we have received from our clients.

"The training was interactive and informative I definitely learned a few tools that would be helpful at work as well as in my personal life."

"The training was amazing...I feel very well equipped to bring a DEI Initiative to my company. 

"Great session! Carrie is knowledgeable and engaging and the content was well researched and useful."

"Very helpful. An eye-opener about D&I."

"While there was a myriad of memorable moments a key moment in my coaching with Carrie was our work together around authenticity and functioning at one's best self."

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