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Dr. Carrie Spell-Hansson


Too few of us are lucky enough to discover a career we are passionate about and where we can make a difference in the lives we touch.  Dr. Carrie Spell-Hansson found that sweet spot over thirty years ago as a thought leader, researcher, educator and trusted advisor in organizational development; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and coaching.  She founded The Folke Institute (TFI) in 2004 to expand the vision by creating a team to further the impactful work she was doing with higher education, non-profit organizations, and corporations and with individuals. 

While Carrie has easily adapted to the virtual learning environment, she also looks forward to resuming in-person keynote engagements and facilitating training programs throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Carrie enjoys being a facilitator, a coach, and speaker at the same time, she also prepares delicious healthy well-balanced meals. She creates recipes inspired by her extensive knowledge of health and wellness and international travel.  She finds her balance in life through her spiritual practices which include meditation, exercise and yoga and the philosophical teaching of Buddhism that she shared with her late husband Gunnar, the big-hearted and generous Swede who gave her unconditional love. 

Carrie’s commitment is to help others realize their potential to reach their goals and contribute to a more inclusive world.

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Kat Yamamoto-Calvo

Director of Operations 
& Special Projects

Kat is responsible for overseeing many of TFI's daily activities, directing and coordinating actions across the organization. She oversees the various departments in the business, and locates areas for improvement.

She has worked in Asia and North America across various industries including broadcasting, communications, education, hospitality, and manufacturing. Kat also had the privilege of serving military families overseas while her family was stationed in Japan through the US Navy as a civilian federal employee. 


She is fluent in English, Japanese and Filipino. Living and working with people from various cultures her entire life has allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of how effective interpersonal communications create a positive and lasting impact on organizational effectiveness. This allows Kat to bring an inclusive perspective that fits perfectly with the company’s mission and vision.


Ronald Hinton, Jr.

Consultant & Facilitator

As a Human Capital Specialist for the USDA, Ronald has extensive experience analyzing recruitment and workforce data; assessing needs and providing assistance aimed at finding solutions. 

He is well versed in communications, qualitative research methods, interpersonal connection methods, community administration leadership strategies, change management best practices and design thinking. 

Ronald is passionate about working with diverse populations, developing comprehensive assessments to systematically measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of soldier and family programs.  His knowledge, experience, and zeal for common vision and tactical strategy uniquely positions him to offer positive impact to the TFI team.


Donna Dennis, PhD

Instructional Designer & Trainer

Donna designs and delivers training in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, team building, as well as executive leadership, succession planning, coaching, and networking.  She is often called upon to work as a subject matter expert in the area of leadership development (including virtual leadership) and teams.  

Dr. Dennis taught at the Wharton Business School, the University of Pennsylvania, The University of Illinois and Parkland College. She is a founder of BRC (Business Research Consortium).  She is the author of Preparing for Leadership, AMACOM Books, “Virtual Leaders: Born or Made?” in Knowledge Management and E-Learning, CRC Press, “The New Dominance of Virtual Teams,” in M-World, AMA, “Effective Leadership in a Virtual World,” ATD  and Gestalt Coaching Assessment, GISC Press. 

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Adam Evans, PhD

Consultant & Facilitator

Adam has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Leadership with concentrations in Adult Education and Technology as well as an MBA in Entrepreneurship.  He was the Chief Strategy Officer of InstantHandz through November of 2021, a Phoenix-based Tech company.


He is an Air Force military spouse leading various teams in support of all Air and Space Force military families. He has also served as the Global Chapter Director of the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs.


Adam is currently a Master Resilience Trainer for the Air Force Key Spouse program, and recently graduated from the inaugural Military Leadership Development Program through the Military Spouse Advocacy Network. He teaches for the Graduate Business Program at the University of Kentucky and has over 18 years of experience in higher education.


Zabrina Epps, PhD

Facilitator & Trainer

A systems thinker by nature, Zabrina’s superpower is her ability to understand individual and organizational goals and aspirations within the context of institutional systems and structures, the realities of organizational politics, and the shifting priorities of leadership.


Zabrina helps clients to deconstruct cultural underpinnings to identify opportunities for change through personal reflection and transformation.

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Jaimes McNeal

Consultant & Facilitator

Jaime McNeal has focused his entire career satisfying his curiosity around how people behave in the work environment. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology, and currently finishing a PhD from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, he is a 3rd year scholar whose dissertation is focused on nonprofit organizations: S/Heroes, Villains, and Victims: Another Way of Describing Nonprofit

For the past 30 years, Jaime has worked with individuals, couples, teams and organizations around the globe as sought after Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Researcher and Consultant.

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Jessie Andrea McNair


Jessie provides insights on the marketing of the institute’s products and services. She contributes to the branding of TFI by providing content writing, editorial services, marketing research, and business development assistance. Her ability to see the big picture, tell a good story, and make connectivity between transformational learning and experiential knowledge informs her strategic recommendations for the growth of the company.  

She enjoys her engagement with the team after 32 years of traditional and digital marketing in publishing and nonprofits. In the middle of the pandemic, she successfully launched her marketing services firm, Marketing with JAM, to help certified minority business owners increase their brand awareness among government agencies, non-government entities, and corporations.


Anna Larson

Digital Marketing

Anna Larson is TFI's digital marketing strategist and lead copywriter. She is passionate about three things: supporting businesses and entrepreneurs, building up military spouses, and finding adventures.

She is an expert in showcasing a brand's passion through social media,
custom-designed websites, and marketing campaigns.

After 22+ years of living as an active duty military spouse — living in locations
across Europe, Africa, and the United States, her family made the leap into
military retirement. They are forging new paths together with two kids and
two dogs in tow. She’s a long-time homeschool mom that loves dance
parties, popcorn, camping, and snorkeling in the ocean. In her spare time,
you’ll find her traveling the world and having adventures with her family.

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Marcela Betancourt

Human Resource Specialist

Marcela has an associate's degree in general studies, as well as a few certifications and certificates. She is currently attending school and expect to get a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management this upcoming Summer. Her work background has been in customer service with 5+ years of experience.


The biggest struggle has been adjusting her life every time her spouse is off on deployment or sent to other stations and you don’t have that support or contact for that extended time. She is so grateful to have resources that connect her to some help and support when I need it.


Marcela enjoys gardening and tending to her 30+ plant collection. Her biggest accomplishment so far has been growing cantaloupes and chili peppers.

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Debbie Graul

Instructional Designer & Trainer

After a 21 year career in the healthcare industry, Debbie began her journey as a Mindfulness Instructor. She has worked with small businesses, seniors, Girl Scouts, Lady Leaders Program, The She Program as well as with students, teachers and parents from several inner city school districts.

Her expertise includes stress management strategies, anxiety and difficult emotions (self-awareness) guidance, breathing strategies and exercises, SAT Mindfulness Training, PSSA Mindfulness Training, Practical Self Care, Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue. She has developed a trauma informed curriculum and shares mindful movements. 

Debbie’s education and experience compliments TFI’s programs by balancing the mind and body connection.

Selena Conmackie

Website Designer

Aloha! Selena Conmackie is a WordPress website designer and also helps small and medium-sized businesses with digital strategy — including social media management, email marketing and paid ads. 


Selena’s also co-host of 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat on YouTube, Chapter Ambassador for the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs, and a regular blog contributor for Spouselink.Org. 


Additionally, Hauoli-Socially Inspired LLC is proudly celebrating its achievement in becoming an officially recognized Military Spouse Owned Enterprise.

When Selena isn’t hosting a workshop, learning the newest Instagram trend, or adding a plug-in to her client’s websites, you can find her spending time with her “ohana” (family), drinking coffee out of one her many Starbucks’ mugs, binging Real Housewives, or having therapy sessions with her rescue dog, Coco


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Joana Linares

Bookkeeping Professional

Joana has a solid track record of success in small business bookkeeping and 10 years of corporate accounting support. She is highly organized and detail-focused with proven ability to follow-through and apply problem-solving techniques.


Elizabeth Finley

Executive Assistant

I am a lifelong learner, passionate supervisor, and well-rounded professional. I flourish when presented with new opportunities. I am highly motivated by visualizing the correlation between my work and team success.


After transitioning out of active duty, I started as a Medical Scribe for Sound Family Medicine. 


I am passionate about creating organizational engagement between employees and clients. I enjoy helping individuals transcend their goals to create meaningful, robust outcomes. In my leadership years, I gained the breadth of experience necessary to be successful wherever I land. In the future, I hope to use my skills and education to shape other passionate leaders who positively impact work culture and society.

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