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Our Identity

Folke (Swedish for "Folk"): the people of a society or region considered as the representatives of a way of life, and as the originators or carriers of the customs, beliefs, and practices comprising a distinctive culture. The Folke Institute is therefore the People's Institute.

Our Emblem

The Baobab is also known as the Tree of Life. The Baobab tree, native to Africa is known for its longevity and vitality. Every unique part of the tree serves a purpose: leaves for medicine, bark for fabric, fruit for food, and trunk, shelter for people and animals alike.

Our Logo

A radiant array of individual parts, unified in an implicitly infinite circular form, in perspective. The composition has dynamic depth and potential, while the all-inclusive spectral cycle speaks to progression, acceptance, and transformation.

Carrie Spell-Hansson


Few of us discover a career we are passionate about, where our professional and personal lives blend. Imagine all the many more incredible and inspiring bosses, colleagues, family, and friends we would have! I found my sweet spot over thirty years ago and continually enjoy life as a thought leader, educator, coach, and change agent. I founded The Folke Institute in 2004 to develop leaders and individuals to affect positive change in their organizations, communities, families, and themselves. I have had gratifying success in changing lives. 


Combining rigorous academic research and decades of practical experience in higher education, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, I spearhead change management, team development, strategic planning, and leadership excellence. As a subject matter expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), I want my clients and audience to understand that the requirement for a successful DEI initiative is mutual respect among the participants. Only then can we build a customized solution to achieve inclusivity with measurable impact.


While I have easily adapted to the virtual learning environment, I look forward to resuming in-person keynote engagements and facilitating training programs throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. During this critical time that has adversely impacted our country’s institutions — education, healthcare, and the economy, in particular — I am more passionate than ever to help organizations and individuals reach their goals.


I enjoy being a facilitator, a coach, speaker, and doctoral student at the same time, I also prepare delicious healthy well-balanced meals. I create recipes inspired by my extensive knowledge of health and wellness and international travel. I find my balance in life through meditation, exercise and yoga and the philosophical teaching of Buddhism taught to me by my late husband Gunnar, the big-hearted and generous Swede who gave me unconditional love. 


My commitment is to help you realize your best self, achieve your goals, and grab the brass ring!

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