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What Clients Say

Celebrating the transformative impact we have achieved.

I sought coaching with Carrie and The Folke Institute during my tenure on active duty as an Army Command Chaplain in preparation for deployment to Iraq. I recognized a need for professional development in addition to my military leadership training. Coaching with Carrie included self-assessments and "best-self" reflections, an emotional intelligence deep-dive, exploration of resilience practices, cross-cultural communication strategies, time management frameworks, and enhancing productivity techniques. This one-on-one coaching was timely, insightful, introspective and fearless. Carrie has an uncanny ability to be direct and gentle simultaneously. Carrie allowed me access to her treasure trove of wealth-knowledge and experiences in transformational learning. Carrie's coaching literally resulted in lives saved on the battlefield!

Ronald K. Hinton, Jr.

Former Army Command Chaplain

The Folke Institute has trained employees in change management, DEI, and team effectiveness worldwide including these companies and government agencies:

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Ms. Spell Hansson is one of the most diligent and highly productive individuals that I know. Her intelligence is matched by her analytical abilities. She excels in finding programmatic solutions to organizational problems. In several of her positions, she found solutions to problems and completed projects that had plagued the organizations for years. She is innovative and inspires those who are around her. She is meticulous in her detail and thorough in her work habits.

Joseph P. Littlejohn 

Asst. to the President for Affirmative Action & Human Resources Development

Hudson Valley Community College

Dear Dr. Spell-Hansson,

Thank you for providing a positive opportunity for growth for our children at the Children’s Home of Easton. The Intercultural Experience Mentoring Program that you have established truly fills a development need for our adolescents. So many times our children choose the wrong road, simply because they have not been exposed to a brighter path.

Joseph C. Gonzalez, M.S.

Executive Vice President

The Children's Home of Easton

There is no substitute for the insights and advice you so generously gave our students and alumni, and we are appreciative of your support and involvment...The feedback was glowing in describing how helpful and encouraging you were.

I came away thinking that everyone in the room learned something about the barriers and assets those with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds bring to job search, to career development, to professional performance and achievement.

Carol R. Anderson

Director, Career Development & Placement

The New School

In the process of the online seminar I came to know and experience Carrie's warmth, diplomacy and impact. She is a dedicated life-long learner, seeking opportunities to challenge herself and the world around her.  She repeatedly demonstrated her understanding of group process by offering insights from her experience and practice in relevant and interesting ways. When other commitments and challenges appeared she was timely in letting the group know and in accepting responsibility for any delays.  She gives and receives constructive feedback in ways which help those involved move on mindfully.

She contribute[s] a sensitive and diplomatic voice to the process of understanding the full development of adult women and the issues they face.

Jerry Snow, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

School of Human and Organization Development

Hi Carrie,

I hope all is well.  I have to tell you that ever since your class things changed around here. I finally had a long talk with my boss and she was shocked but happy at the same time...We let each other know how we felt and decided that from now on we would talk more and not let things build up the way they did.  Since, after all, we are on the same team...She even went over to the HR supervisor and thanked her for sending me to such a wonderful class. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your help. I hope I can see you again some time. You changed my work life in a matter of two days - imagine what you could do for the rest of it!!

Carmen Noboa-Espinal

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