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Unlock the Power of Inclusion in 2024

In today's global environment, understanding and celebrating diversity is not just a moral imperative but a catalyst for innovation and success. As we look forward to 2024, The Folke Institute (TFI) is proud to introduce the 2024 TFI Inclusion Calendar, a guide designed to help individuals and organizations recognize and celebrate the rich tapestry of global cultures, holidays, and holy days.

Why You Need the 2024 TFI Inclusion Calendar:

Celebrate Diversity

The TFI Inclusion Calendar is not just a calendar; it's a celebration of the world's cultural mosaic. With key holidays and holy days listed, your team will never miss an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of its members.

Foster Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusion is about making everyone feel valued. The TFI Calendar serves as a daily reminder to your employees that their cultural heritage is recognized and respected, fostering a sense of belonging that can boost morale and decrease turnover.

Drive Innovation

When people feel included, they are more likely to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas. The TFI Calendar is more than a list of dates; it's a catalyst for conversations and collaborations that can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Stay Compliant and Aware

Keeping track of important cultural dates is also a matter of compliance in many regions. The TFI Calendar helps you stay aware and respectful of these dates, which can enhance your company’s reputation and employee satisfaction.

How to Use the TFI Inclusion Calendar to Enhance Your Workplace:

Plan Inclusive Events: Use the calendar to plan events and team-building activities around diverse holidays and observances.

Educational Opportunities: Each month, highlight a different cultural holiday or holy day and provide educational materials to your staff to promote understanding and respect.

Encourage Participation: Invite team members to share their own cultural celebrations and stories, enhancing the collective knowledge and appreciation of different traditions.

Reflect on Inclusion Practices: Regularly use the calendar as a touchstone to evaluate and improve your workplace inclusion strategies.

The 2024 TFI Inclusion Calendar is more than a scheduling tool; it's a blueprint for building a workplace where everyone feels they belong and can thrive. By recognizing and honoring the diverse holidays and holy days of all members of your organization, you signal a commitment to a culture of respect, learning, and innovation.

Ready to revolutionize your workplace with the power of inclusion? Get your copy of the 2024 Inclusion Calendar below and start fostering a culture of belonging and innovation today!

Do you have a holiday or holy day you would like to recommend to be included in the Inclusion Calendar? Let us know at

The Folke Institute provides this calendar, containing a selection of holidays and holy days, without claim to exhaustiveness or universal representation. The inclusion or exclusion of dates does not imply endorsement or rejection by The Folke Institute. Users should verify the included dates and details. The Folke Institute expressly disclaims any liability for any damages, losses, or consequences, direct or indirect, arising from or related to the use or reliance on the provided dates.

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