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Discover the Potential in Your People

Everything DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™

You’ve heard of personality testing in the workplace. Perhaps you’ve even spent 15 minutes answering quiz questions to find out your top networking strength and to confirm you’re a lifelong learner who thrives on teaching others and leading teams.

Did you take that assessment seriously? What changes did you make based on what you learned about yourself? If the answer is that you didn’t take it seriously at all and made no changes, you are not alone. Most people are uncertain of the true value of this type of learning experience and quickly brush their results aside.

We want to introduce you to something different. The Everything DiSC Assessment, offered by The Folke Institute, is a discovery process about yourself, including your primary behavior style — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness. Digging deep into what attributes contribute to personal and team success can be a life-changing experience that deepens self-awareness, inspires appreciation of others, and fosters effective collaboration in the workplace.


Most people are a little nervous about hitting the “Let’s Go” button on the new Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ platform. Can 30 minutes of answering questions provide the tools needed to improve our working relationships with clients, team members, and colleagues? The answer is yes. We can learn more about what motivates and inspires us and how to appreciate the same in our colleagues.

The Folke Institute is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner. We’re working to bring these same “A-ha!” moments into your organization to create a catalyst that will transform your workplace. Are you ready to ignite cultural transformation and empower your people?


Everything DiSC® begins with an ASSESSMENT of your team member’s personalities using precise adaptive testing algorithms that deliver personalized insight and inspiration into who they are. The Folke Institute administers these assessments for your team through a virtual testing site that collates responses to create a personalized profile.

When your team member receives their personalized PROFILE it will deepen their self-understanding. They gain insight into their preferences and tendencies and learn more about relating to others. But it doesn’t stop there because we know action is key to change. Each personalized profile includes actionable strategies to improve their interactions and ultimately, their performance.

Finally, we bring the CLASSROOM and TOOLS to your organization. This is where The Folke Institute engages and educates using a variety of tools like video, impactful activities, and round-table discussions. We customize each experience specific to the needs of your people and your organization.

We leave you with a suite of follow-up resources that make lasting behavior change possible by keeping Everything DiSC alive in the workplace. Participants can go deeper into their DiSC style, get real-world tips for connecting with colleagues, and gain insight into their team’s or department’s DiSC culture.


So much of what The Folke Institute does promotes positive changes by focusing on the people and empowering them to better understand, connect, and foster belonging with each other. Everything DiSC is one of the many assessment tools we use and while it feels like a simple process, it is not simplistic. Each personalized profile brings ideas for behavioral changes. An organization that invests in its people with this kind of in-depth analysis is bound to see a transformation within the workplace.

The proof of these impactful and customized solutions is found in Everything DiSC®’s 94% global satisfaction rating. It’s time to say “YES!” to transformation. Reach out to our team to discuss what Everything DiSC® can do for you and your organization.

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