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We have a full suite of services to help you and your organization reach your greatest potential

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The Folke Institute supports organizations in creating environments where all people feel respected. This acceptance will be reflected in people having a voice, access to information, and growth opportunities, a sense of belonging and being accepted for who they are.  

Our unique approach involves partnering with clients to assess the organization’s current state and identifying areas for enhancement. We encourage the engagement of leadership to understand the benefits of DEI and the impact that is has on employee morale, productivity, recruitment, and retention practices. 

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We help executives and managers fulfill their roles with enhanced communication skills, effective relationship, consensus building and conflict resolution. Participants learn other essential skills, such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and active listening. We address gaps in their performance so that they can develop and lead productive teams. 

TFI also teaches your emerging leaders how to be creative and take an entrepreneurial approach to their work. Partnering with us, you can empower these future leaders to help you achieve the organization’s goals, transforming your company to greatness.   

Customized Learning Objectives

We offer both off-the-shelf courses in our inventory of training materials and customized courses according to client specifications. After our thorough assessment of your needs, we will recommend options for you to consider based on your organization’s needs and desired outcomes.

In addition to our proprietary learning methodology, Regenerative Focus Technique, we provide best practices and case studies to facilitate your learning.


One-on-One Coaching

We have conducted scores of successful interventions and affirmations of purpose to people in their roles as organizational leaders, individual contributors, and parents and caregivers. We have helped those transitioning to new careers, facing challenging work issues, learn techniques of effective communications, and more. 


TFI's highly effective coaching practice ensures a safe space that is warm, empathic, and compassionate. Our coaching services are covered by a confidentiality guarantee given in all The Folke Institute engagements. 

Trusted Advisorship

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Coral Reef

Our Work

TFI has been delivering programs for clients around the world for three decades.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: Corporate Responsibility and Looking Ahead

  • The Power of "Her" - Unleashing the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Developing Strategies for Cross-Cultural Organizational Learning

  • Women of Virtue Project

  • Women in Search of Herself

  • Leading Organizations and Teams in the 21st Century

Overcoming Generational Biases

Trainings & Workshops

  • Courage Pathways: Entrepreneurial Identities and Positive Change

  • Developing a Winning Partnership with Your Boss

  • Conversations & Coalition Building on Finding our Common Ground

  • Skills for Difficult Conversations: Respect Driven Communications

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Customer Focus

  • Influence with Integrity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders

  • Leveraging Our Diversity

  • Respect and Dignity – Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Future Shifting for Creating an Inclusive Organization

  • Bridging the Racial Divide: Our Path to Healing and Forgiveness

Trainings & Workshops

  • Assertive Communication for Women in Business

  • Leadership Development for Women

  • Women: The Voice of Leadership

  • Management Skills for Women

Personal Improvement
  • Personal Resilience and Positive Psychology

  • Leading Self through Change

  • ABC’s of Parenting

  • Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Caregivers

  • Learn to Soar in a Changing World

  • Learning in a Multi-Culture Context: Leveraging Complexity

Customized Solutions

  • Keynotes, Trainings, and Workshops tailored to organizational and/or personal needs

Our Partners

The network of excellent organizations with whom we

deliver transformative change


You can't build upon a weak foundation—especially when it comes to your company's workforce. Strengthening foundations in order to plan for the future is Creative Workforce Solutions' strength. We implement practical solutions to address problems and think ahead to develop a solid structure that will see a company into the future. This unique blend of sensible and visionary strategies is what sets Creative Workforce Solutions apart.

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All enterprises rise or fall on the ability of diverse individuals to work together. They must give and receive feedback, resolve conflict, promote ideas, be loyal, motivate others and deal with their emotions and the emotions of others. When these individuals are committed to a common purpose — and treat each other with trust and respect — performance is maximized.

Traditionally, these concepts have been described as “soft skills.” We call them “people skills.” At Effectiveness Institute, we believe that they are the critical success factors for managers and employees at all levels of every organization.

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