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Our vision is a workforce and community that is ultimately devoid of culture biases and practices egalitarianism - inclusiveness, access to services and opportunities, and the joy of the pursuit of well-being and purpose for all.


Our mission is to enable organizations of all sizes and structures (private, government, non-government, and non-profits) to achieve their strategic goals through...

  • the adoption of proven and promising new organizational development models of excellence in leadership.

  • the acquisition of an agile mindset to succesfully navigate change and crisis management

  • and the skills to empower employees to become proud ambassadors of their organizations.

Our History

Since 2004, the Folke Institute has provided curriculum, training, and ever-evolving insight on what it takes to succeed in today's global economy. Through seminars and hands-on workshops, we teach organizations how to establish and nurture a culture of inclusiveness and equity that retains employees, attracts stellar talent, and keeps them competitive and forward thinking. We show companies of all sizes, government and non-governmental institutions, and nonprofits, how to better achieve bottom-line results and satisfy stakeholders by mastering agility and pivoting to meet challenges as they arise.

Our one-on-one coaching services teach life skills to help individuals define and achieve their personal goals. We clarify their unique styles and nurture their innate and potential skills to better manage relationships and transform them into their visionary selves.

We know that unlearning bad behaviors, biases, and familial miseducation about other people’s cultures negatively impacts what we, as citizens, need to achieve. The Folke Institute strives to rewire brains to understand the benefits of multiculturalism and inclusiveness to individuals as they participate in society as workers, heads of family and caretakers, and community members at large.

Why does the the Folke Institute exist? Why do we believe in the power of transformation? Why are we passionate? Here is our philosophy:

Our Philosophy

In life, change is inevitable. When we're faced with change, however, we tend to look at it fearfully, thinking, "What am I going to lose?" The Folke Institute teaches you to ask instead, "What can I gain?" We'll help you recognize that you have choices. Simply put, we want to support people in knowing they have choices. We want to assist in discovering what those choices are or seeking out other choices.

We understand that no one is broken. No one needs to be fixed -- there are just different choices to be made. We listen to people and find out where they are, where they want to be, and then give them the resources to build a bridge that works for them. We empower people to build their bridge.

Remember, the Individual feeds the Team which feeds the Organization which feeds the Community and the cycle continues on.

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